Walk to Shop & Walk to Work

Short errand or shopping walking trips

Thinking of walking instead of using the car to run errands or go shopping?

Before you leave:

  • think about where you’re going, how far it is, how long it will take and what you might have to carry back home.
  • Don’t plan to carry lots of really heavy items that could cause an injury or make you tired.
  • Give yourself plenty of time and don’t rush.
  • Check the forecast and dress to suit the weather.
Walk Trips
  • Keep your heart healthy, save money on gas and bus fare and help the environment by:
    • Parking further away from your building.
    • Getting off the bus before your stop and walking part of the way.
    • Finding a co-worker to walk with you to make walking more fun.
    • Changing your route to prevent boredom.
  • If you can’t walk everyday, set a goal for a certain number of days each week and walk as part of your commute.
  • If you have to carry things with you, make sure you have a good backpack that fits you properly. Avoid shoulder bags and don’t carry too much.
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