Tips for Staying Motivated

Busy lives, bad weather and boredom sometimes make it hard to stick to a walking routine.

Stay motivated to walk and roll by:

Setting goals and recording your progress
  • Set realistic and achievable goals.
  • Set a weekly plan for your walks.
  • Be organized. Record in a journal the days and times that you plan to walk, the amount of time and distance that you walk and where you plan on walking.
Walking in the mornings

If you think you might lose motivation for walking during the course of a busy day, consider beginning your day with a walk.

Making walking a fun, social experience

  • Start or join a walking club.
  • Walk with friends and family members.
  • Listen to music (but keep the volume low or just in one ear for safety).
  • Try to think about pleasant things as you walk and don't dwell on stressful issues.

Changing your route

  • Vary your routes so you don't get bored.
  • Think in advance about a backup route or location for bad weather days.
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