Peel Sustainable Transportation Strategy

On February 22nd, 2018, Peel Regional Council approved the Sustainable Transportation Strategy (STS) and its accompanying five year Active Transportation and Transportation Demand Management implementation plans (ATIP and TDMIP, respectively). The STS is the result of extensive consultation efforts, involving the public, local municipalities, and other stakeholders from across the Region.

The Regional population is expected to grow by 40 per cent by 2041. Recognizing that this growth must be accommodated in a way that supports sustainable transportation rather than prioritizing single-occupancy vehicles, the STS is a comprehensive document that will act as a roadmap towards a future where environmental, societal and economic sustainability are priorities.

Building off of the 2012 Active Transportation Plan and the 2004 Transportation Demand Management Plan, the STS outlines policies, programs and infrastructure projects in order to enable and encourage the development of a transportation system where 50 per cent of peak period trips are made by sustainable modes by 2041. For the purposes of the STS, the sustainable mode share consists of cycling, walking, transit, carpooling and telework.

The ATIP and TDMIP, with their 2018-2022 timelines, outline the infrastructure and programming that is to be implemented in the short term. Over fifty action items are recommended in the STS, and their enactment in the immediate future is discussed in detail in the implementation plans. The ATIP and TDMIP also include information about staffing, funding and partnerships, all of which are important aspects of fully implementing the STS.

To view the STS, ATIP or TDMIP, any accompanying maps or background reports, please click on the appropriate link below.

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