Peel Active Transportation Study

On February 9, 2012, Peel Regional Council approved the Peel Region's first Active Transportation Plan (The Plan). The Plan is completed in collaboration with area municipal staff, and with input from internal and external stakeholders including the general public.

The Plan provides a framework for how the Region will increase the share of trips by walking and cycling, linking with transit, and creating a pedestrian and cycling friendly environment. The Plan sets out policies that direct the practices of the Region to support more walking and cycling; recommends active transportation improvements to the existing cycling and pedestrian networks, and recommends strategies/programs to shift travel behaviour.

The Plan is a long term strategy that consists of three implementation phases. The first two phases (1-5 years and 6-20 years) form a recommended 20-year implementation plan (up to 2031). The third phase forms the longer term strategy (2031+). The Plan has an implementation strategy that includes estimated financial investment that tie into the Region's capital plan, tools for performance monitoring and evaluation, and a design guide for infrastructure design.

For more information on the study, please click on the following links to download the components of the final study.



Implementation Strategy Program Report

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Special Notes from the Project Team
We would like to thank you, the members of the public, and the stakeholders who gave their time and effort in the development of this study, especially those who participated in the public meetings, workshops, and the many others who provided written or verbal input to the study team.

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