New Active Transportation Infrastructure

2014 Projects

New Crossride at Airport Road and the Caledon Trailway
Trail Type: Stamped Asphalt (Pedestrian Crossing) and Paved Asphalt (Bicycle Crossing)
Location: At the intersection of Airport Road and the Caledon Trailway (South of Old Church Road), across Airport Road

The Region’s Active Transportation Plan1  identifies enhancing the safety and visibility of the Caledon Trailway crossings across Regional roads.

In an effort to enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and promote active transportation, the Region built the first Crossride in Caledon on Airport Road at the Caledon Trailway. This will facilitate the high volume of pedestrians and cyclists crossing at the Caledon Trailway, a major east-west trail joining many communities in Caledon.

Traditional crosswalks require cyclists to dismount and walk their bicycle across the roadway. A crossride is a dual crossing that allows cyclists to ride their bicycle across the intersection without dismounting from their bicycles and pedestrians to walk through the intersection. It includes both pedestrian and cycling specific signals.

The crossride includes three push buttons on each side of the intersection: one for pedestrians at the intersection, one for cyclists at the intersection, and one set back from the intersection along a footrest. These footrests, available on both sides of the intersection, allow cyclists to stop at the light without dismounting from their bicycles.

1   Executive Summary, pages 8-9, Caledon Network Strategy

New Section of Multi Use Trail along Derry Road West
Trail Type: Paved Multi Use Trail, 3.0 meters wide
Location: Parallel to Derry Road, running along the South side of the street, from Argentia Road to west of Montevideo Road/Copenhagen Rd connecting to Lake Aquitaine Trail.

The AT Plan identifies Derry Road as part of the regional pedestrian and cycling networks as a needed east-west connection. There are currently several stretches along Derry Road that include a multi use trail and the Region is actively seeking out opportunities to complete the gaps along the trail. Including the multi use trail as a component of a road construction project already occurring along this stretch of Derry Road proved to be a cost effective option. In early 2014 a new multi use trail from Argentia Road to west of Montevideo Road/Copenhagen Road connecting to the Lake Aquitaine trail was completed as part of the Derry Road improvements. This adds to the growing active transportation infrastructure along Derry Road and connects Meadowvale residents  to the commercial sector along Derry Road West and Argentia.

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