Bike Clothing - What to Wear

The clothing you wear while cycling depends on the weather, what feels comfortable and the style of riding you want to do.

If you’re riding for transportation, such as to go shopping, run errands, visit friends, or go to work or school, what you normally wear is most likely appropriate. This is especially true if your ride is not very far (under 5-7 km).

If you ride your bicycle and dress fashionably, you could be described as “Cycle Chic”.

Things to keep in mind:

Dress for the weather
Before you leave, see what it’s like outside and dress properly for the temperature and weather conditions. You can cycle year-round in Ontario once you know how to overcome the weather.

Dress for comfort and safety
Chain guards, fenders and skirt guards protect your clothes and keep them from getting caught in the chains and wheels. Bikes that do not have these features may require the rider to spend more time adjusting their clothing so it doesn’t get caught on any part of the bike.

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