Bicycles & Public Transit

Many commuters feel that cycling or taking the bus just doesn’t compete with the convenience of a car.

But in Brampton and Mississauga, “biking and bussing” is easy. You can cycle to a bus stop or station and then bring your bike on the bus. By biking and bussing you’ll not only improve your health, but also help reduce Peel’s gas emissions.

Bikes on the bus

Mississauga Transit and Brampton Transit are working to combine cycling and transit to make it easier for commuters to travel. All Brampton Transit and Mississauga Transit buses now have bike racks.

Visit Brampton Transit and Mississauga Transit to learn how to load your bicycle on a bus bike rack plus other key information for cyclists.

GO Transit

GO Transit is committed to combining biking and travel by offering new amenities and services to customers.

For example, the GO’s cyclist-friendly service lets commuters take their bikes on all buses at any time during the day.

Visit GO Transit for more information on bike racks and tips for commuters with bikes.

Cycling and other GTA transit agencies

Learn more about combining cycling and bus travel in other areas of the GTA:

City of Toronto:

York Region:

Halton Region:

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