Teaching Children to Cycle Safely

Cycling is a lifelong activity. Teaching children good cycling habits from an early age — like following the rules of the road and wearing a helmet — helps kids stay safe.

Adults play an important role

Adults play an important role in helping children learn good cycling habits by:

  • Making sure children use the right safety equipment.
  • Having clear rules.
  • Discussing good cycling habits.
  • Being a good role model - always follow the rules of the road.

Enroll your kids in cycling classes

Cycling education courses, such as CAN-BIKE, offer bike skills training and on-road practice to help kids learn to ride safely.

Young Cyclist’s Guide

Review good cycling habits with your child before you start riding together. Read the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Young Cyclist’s Guide together to help your child understand the importance of cycling safely.

When and where can my child ride alone?

Say "no" to under 10

Children under 10 years of age should not ride their bikes on the road. Most children at this age have not developed the necessary motor skills and judgment to ride safely in traffic without adult supervision.

Riding on the sidewalk

SafeKids Canada

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